A King Without a Crown…

Here is where in the King would like to take the opportunity to help answer questions pertaining to the event….

First, all of you peasants, serfs and farmers need to register before I raise the tax collections (entry fee). Prices are going up to $45 Friday at mid night . Unless you want to pay the extra shillings day of the race, you better get on it.

The King despises few things more than an over-the-bars crash, a trashing in a big hole, or scuzy warm beer. There isn’t much I can do to prevent you from the first two, but I can help you with the latter. There is going to be  pre-race registration and packet pickup hosted at the King’s favorite beer hall, Vasen Brewery on:

         Friday October 20th, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
         Saturday, October 21st 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Vasen Brewery is located at 3331 W Moore St, Richmond, VA 23230. Racers can pre-register, pick up  their ‘King of the James’ t-shirt and get a race number. And if you were so inclined, you could also stay for a bit and drink a beer… Or several…

Speaking of t-shirts, they are being printed as we speak. Shirts are included in the race registration, but if you want another, its gunna run $10 bones. They look awesome and all of your friends will be jealous. I only had 400 printed, so get’em while the gettin’s good….

Race Day – Sunday, October 22nd.

Plan on being at Reedy Creek at 7am if you need to register. Participants will have time to register between 7:00-8amThere is not much time to register morning of, so please register in advance!  Everyone needs to stage their own gear at Reedy Creek Meadow before the event starts. The event staging area is in the grassy field, across from the train tracks near the parking lot. Here, participants can unload the gear they need to complete the event.  We will have somebody on site throughout the ‘King of the James’ to watch gear; however, the king is not responsible for your individual gear.  Locks for gear are recommended.  Please take into consideration the time necessary to unload all belongings  at Reedy Creek in order to register for event.

Unload at Reedy only – No Parking. There will be volunteers to direct traffic for loading and unloading  gear. Please unload as quickly as possible and park up in the neighborhood (Forest Hill Park?). Please be mindful of the neighborhood accompanying the park.  Do not park in driveways, change clothes in the open, and please keep your voices low.  Be respectful. There is limited parking, so the King asks that you please carpool with your teammates if possible. After parking, you can ride you bike or run back to Reedy Creek. Its a warm up. It’ll be good for you…

The Course

***This is an open race course. The are dog, squirrels, trains and other park uses on the course. If they slow you down, its all part of the event. Don’t be a jerk. ***

Mass start. 

No waves or heats. Every man, woman and team for themselves.

Trail Run – Forest Hill Loop – Counter Clockwise

Run through the tunnels under Riverside Drive. Make a loop around the park counter clockwise. Return back to Reedy Creek the same way you came, through the tunnels.

Mountain Bike – Buttermilk & North Bank – Clockwise

Ride the JRPS Loop clockwise. Buttermilk west to the Nickle Bridge. North Bank trail to the Lee Bridge (not across Belle Isle), get back on the trail at the end of the bridge and ride it back into Reedy Creek.

Whitewater Kayak – Falls of the James River – Straight Down the Middle

Paddle from Reedy Creek to 14th street. You must run 1st Break, Approach, Corner, Hollywood, Fish Ladders, and Pipeline. Due to this years low water, we will not be running X’s or 2nd break. 


Peak Experiences, RVA Paddlesports, and the VCU OAP are graciously volunteering to hall racers back to Reedy Creek  from the 14th Street take out after the finish. There is no need to set shuttle before the race. They will be taking racers and their boats up 12 at a time. You will not need to wait to get on the bus like in years past. It should be pretty quick.

Lastly, ‘King of the James’ is an individual, multi-sport event.  You must be able to complete the course by possessing the skills of an EXPERIENCED trail runner, EXPERIENCED mountain biker, and EXPERIENCED whitewater kayaker.  This is an extremely difficult course, with many hazards, and requires stamina as well as in-depth knowledge of all three sports.  The course is subject to a variety of changing variables associated with being held in an ever changing outdoor environment.  Please take this into consideration.  If there is any question on your part, about completing any of the disciplines, please do not attempt ‘King of the James’.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the difficulty of the ‘King of the James.’  Be respectful of other park users during ‘King of the James.’ This is an open race course.

If any of you have questions, please feel free to send the king an e-mail (kingofthejames@yahoo.com).

The king has spoken.
Be good,
The King
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