Pre-registration with the babes!


The royal one invites you to enjoy a glorious night of adventure films featuring women. These aren’t just pretty women, they’re wild and dangerous, bold with no limits. And She too could become King, errr Queen of the James!

Indeed, all should be delighted to partake in a posh event such as this – Get the Babes Out. Join me on Monday, September 11th as we imbibe on a few savory Vasen beverages at Crossroads Coffee & Tea and watch these incredible feats of feminine strength!

Grab your babes, grab your mates and before you get too vashnigyered, sign up for the grandest race in all the land! Register at Get The Babes Out and save $3 bills. That should be just about enough to cover the cost of another beer.  Pre-registration starts at 6pm!

There can only be one Queen of the James!

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