Väsen brewing, the beer of kings.

The Forest Hill Trail loop. The Buttermilk. The North Bank Trail. The James River. This is the Richmond we know. And if you love it, truly love it, then you know these areas like the back of your hand. You can picture every rut, every root, and every rock.

To produce an adventure race that honors the terrain we hold so valuable, we needed a partner who was equally passionate about our home. We found that partner and lead sponsor in Väsen Brewing Company, a Richmond based brewery on a mission to celebrate the great outdoors.

Located at 3331 Moore Street in Scott’s Addition, Väsen is a member of 1% for the Planet, a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. A network that spans more than 40 counties, 1% for the planet includes member businesses, nonprofit partners, and individuals working together to support environmental organizations through everyday actions and annual commitments.

Väsen, which officially opened on July 29, 2017, is in the process of creating one of the nation’s most sustainable breweries and has pledged to donate 1% of annual sales to support nonprofit organizations focused on the environment. In addition, Väsen is working to promote responsible brewing practices, sponsoring outdoor stewardship programs, and advocating for greater public awareness of issues facing the environment. Examples of nonprofits benefiting from Väsen include Blue Sky Fund, RVA MORE, JROC, Keep Virginia Cozy, and more.

Nathan Winters, Väsen’s marketing and environmental director, points out that the Swedish word ‘väsen’ honors translates as one’s inner essence. “We brew to inspire others to chase the things they love,” explains Nate. “For us, that means a steadfast commitment to environmental and social responsibility in everything we do.”

If you haven’t yet visited Väsen Brewing Company, stop into their taproom and see for yourself. Their passion for craft beer and the environment is obvious in every detail. The Väsen taproom is appropriately named The Hyperborium for a place beyond the north winds in Greek mythology where the sun was always shining and outdoor activities could be enjoyed 24 hours a day. A mural by Richmond artist Emily Herr depicts a caribou in the wild, patrons sit at rustic farmhouse tables, a forged steel chandelier by Richmond designer Wendy Umanoff hangs over the entrance in the shape of antlers, and the bar features live-edge drink rails and forged steel brackets.

The taproom offers a 20-tap system with Belgian-inspired ales and sours. Their beer is unconventional and is made for those who share an appreciation for the outdoors. In addition to a signature barrel-aging program, the brewery offers variety of saisons, wheat beers, and pale ales. Using a distinctive brewing process, Väsen is clearly focused on producing balanced and sessionable beers. They aren’t afraid to take risks, and their experimental approach produces surprises on the beer menu with new releases just about every week.

We hope you’ll stop in and have a beer with the Väsen team. Make sure to thank them for their efforts to support not only the King of the James, but also the rivers and trails that we value and use every day.


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