2014 – Crowning the King

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96 participants at the 2014 King of the James (photo Rich Young)

There can only be one…King of the James

Saturday, November 8th marked the date of the inaugural King of the James.  What would normally be an empty parking lot when temperatures are freezing, Reedy Creek was bustling with excitement.  The buzz was in the air.  Who?  How?  Where?  We all wanted the true answer, “who will be King?”

After a little paperwork and a quick trip talk, it was time:  King of the James was finally in session.  The trail run through Forest Hill went quick.  This 3.2 mile run would open eyes and break hearts while individuals realized how their lungs would handle the miles that lay ahead on bike and water.


Careful foot placement in Forest Hill (photo Hunter Davis)

While making the transition from feet to wheels, a few participants were abruptly stopped by a train at the Reedy Creek event staging area. The tracks quickly cleared and the mountain bike leg went on relatively smooth.  There were accounts of going ‘over the handle bars’ as well as legendary speed set by Charley, the biker of the winning team.  The Buttermilk and North Bank Trails are deceiving to look at on a map due to their short lengths; however, they offer very technical challenges that are extremely exhausting, especially after completing the running leg of King of the James thru Forest Hill Park.


Technical riding on the North Bank Trail (photo Hunter Davis)

Nothing like cramming a pair of beaten down running and bike legs into a tiny boat to finish off the race.  With unusually low river levels, lines were tight on the downtown section of the James.


Long boats are the key to speed on the class III King of the James (photo Keith Vincent)

After it all, there can only be one.  The 2014 King of the James is proud to announce the first ever ‘King of the James’ – Mr. Adam Tremper.  Adam crushed the competition with a time of 1:24:48. Just behind Adam was our first ever Queen of the James – Jennie Belt at 1:45:53.  ‘The Ringers‘ brought home the Court with the best overall relay time at 1:22:52.  That’s fast!

1466318_1000655166626543_34063651799686113_n2014 King of the James – Adam Tremper (photo Rich Young)

IMG_33792014 Queen of the James – Jennie Belt

10407605_647417265379377_9078119428736218210_n2014 King of the James Court – The Ringers

Thanks to everybody who came out and supported the 2014 King of the James!  It’s good to be the King! Here are the final results

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.34.27 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 3.19.06 PM


The King of the James – Adam Tremper (photo Hunter Davis)

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