Hot Box RVA


I had a chance to stop by Hot Box RVA’s printing scene and catch up with Chris, owner and operator of the screen printing business.  Chris is a local entrepreneur  here in Richmond as well as being a kayaker & running enthusiast…to add to that, you wouldn’t meet a nicer dude.  Hot Box RVA opened up shop about 8 years ago and is currently located minutes from the take out.  When you walk into the business, you’ll find a pile of boats against the wall and gear hanging neatly from the ceilings.  The shop is reflects Chris’s love for the outdoors all while being nestled in an industrial landscape on the city’s South Side.  Hot Box RVA screams Richmond and seems too fitting to not have Chris print the shirts for ‘King of the James’.  I know you’ll like the shirts, they look great.  Next time your in need of a screen print job for apparel, posters, stickers, etc…be sure to check out Hot Box RVA, you’ll be glad you did.


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