Whitworth Cycles


Looking for that perfect bike?  How about an innovative one?  Or how about needing help to build a custom ride?  If so, check out Whitworth Cycles.  Whit is one of those guys who can tinker and build just about anything.

“At Whitworth Cycles our specialty is bicycles. We strive for all our customers to enjoy “the ride” regardless of their riding style.  While I have been certified in Titanium frame building since 2006; I have focused more on high end restoration and modification since my move back from NorCal in 2012. Most of my business is referral based. I find that giving to and being involved in the community is the best way to build strong relationships with people,” explains Whit.


Over the past year, Whit has supported a variety of events including King of the James’ brother event, Bike-In-Theatre.  “We support many grassroots organizations for this reason. Richmond’s cycling scene is still developing and the best way to affect change is at the bottom. I want show people that cycling is supposed to be fun, easy and safe. Bike-In-Theatre is a great example of what we used to do in California to ride bike, share ideas and drink beer.”

Be on the lookout for Whitworth Cycles this November 8th as Whit has volunteered his time and energy into making sure King of the James is an event to remember.  Not to mention, the King may win a hand made trophy from Whit himself.  Thanks for the support!


There can only be one,

~the King

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