Fall Rains


Zizza boofing into Hollywood (photo Hunter Davis)

Fall rains have brought life back to the James River and the recent bump in river level has set the tone for the paddling season upon us.  With that said, this is the perfect time to dial in those lines in order to feel confident on the downtown section of the James at a variety of levels.


Max with the ‘King of the Nasal Douche’ (photo Hunter Davis)

The James can bring a lot of joy to those who paddle the falls in Richmond, however, these rapids are part of a very challenging section of whitewater.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the difficulty of the rapids found on the whitewater portion of ‘King of the James’.  They are very dangerous and warrant respect.  *All paddlers participating in ‘King of the James’ are responsible for their own safety.*  You should be up to date with swift water rescue skills and should be wearing/carrying all the necessary safety equipment.  This is mandatory.  Please respect other river users as well as offering a hand for those who may need help.


Smooth sailing

It’s good to be the King,


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