Richmond, land of ‘King of the James’

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Most entries for the ‘King of the James’ are local enthusiasts of the James River Park System.  However, for those of you who not familiar with the JRPS and are interested in participating in ‘King of the James’, let me welcome you!  Richmond, VA is an amazing city.  The region has been receiving a lot of notoriety over the past couple of years, both by being featured in multiple publications as well as an increased interested in the city’s greatest natural resource: The James River.  And we agree…an increased quality of life in Richmond is through the perks of the river that runs through it!  If you would like more information about getting outside and enjoying the James River Park System and all it’s amenities, be sure to check out


Aside from being a great outdoor destination, let me assure you there is plenty happening in the city itself.  Richmond, VA has a number of fantastic restaurants scattered around town.  Luckily, ‘King of the James’ is being hosted during  Style Weekly’s Nacho Taco Week November 3-9, 2014.  This is the King’s favorite food week in the city!  Is that great timing or what?

Interested in music?  We have a number of great music venues in the city as well with a variety of thriving music scenes.  If you’re traveling to Richmond for ‘King of the James’ & have an extra night (or two) to see a show, check out The Camel and the Broadberry‘s lineup.


Finally, beer.  Beer, Beer, Beer.  The King has traveled far and wide for a taste of beer.  New breweries are popping up everyday…and we are not going to stop them.  Here is a list of breweries to sip from while your in town for ‘King of the James.’  BEER!


If your looking for the best beer samplings from across the world and want to stay directly next to the park, I’ll invite you to check out Crossroads on Forest Hill Ave.  It is right on the border of Forest Hill Park and has 16 taps ready for consumption all day, ‘erryday.


It’s Good to be the King,

King of the James


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